Bone Graft

In orthopedic, reconstructive, and spine surgery, there are various uses for RevoGen bone grafts. Our demineralized cancellous strips are preferred because of their ease of use, resistance to irrigation, room temperature storage, and wicking capabilities. RevoGen Bio-Strand fibers are 100% cortical bone with no additives or carriers. Their geometry, handling characteristics and higher osteoinductive potential make them a surgeon’s choice in most spine and ortho procedures.

Our dedicated team is committed to providing the highest quality allograft tissue available. Our thorough screening process ensures only uniform, high-quality donor tissue is recovered and processed for distribution.
RevoGen Biologics and our strategic partners go to great lengths when screening, recovering, processing, storing and distributing donor tissue. It is our common goal to treat each donor and their families with the utmost respect and to maximize the benefit for our allograft tissue recipients.